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Raw garlic has a sharp, distinctive bite to it when tasting. When sauteed, the yummy garlic flavor adds a delicious flavor to many dishes. However, when you roast garlic, its rich, deep mellow flavor is sweeter and velvet smooth.

Anytime you want to add a rich, subtle garlic flavor into a dish; roasted garlic is the way to go without it being overpowering. Ideal for blending into sauces like alfredo or pureed into condiments such as dips and hummus, roasted garlic is perfect for when you want a subtle garlic taste without the unpleasant bite, like for roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

1 review for SAU45 Roasted Garlic 110g

  1. Sufian

    Very very excellent product. Save all the time in making own roasted garlic. Excellent seasoning for soup, even if you put into your instant noodle soup, it emplifies the taste. For me, i will not make any soup without puting it. Just make plain chinese noodle soup and put this roasted garlic mixed with cooking oil…makes your soup marvellous taste

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